IPv6 Testing Services

Proviatek represents InfoWeapons Testing Laboratory (IWTL), one of only six IPv6 Logo Program testing centers in the world. IWTL is authorized to test a product that supports IPv6 and certify that it is “IPv6 Ready”. This certification indicates that the product has passed specific conformance and interoperability standards set by the IPv6 Forum’s IPv6 Ready Logo Program.

To qualify for the IPv6 Ready Gold logo, a product must pass both conformance and interoperability testing of the IPv6 Core Protocols more particularly the “SHOULD” (strongly recommended, but not mandatory) aspects of relevant IETF RFCs. A product may obtain certification for the Core Protocols and optionally one or more of the advanced IPv6 protocols, depending on what features it includes.

The test coverage is approximately 450 tests with optional extended test categories for more advanced IPv6 protocols such as DHCPv6 (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6), Mobile IPv6 (IPv6 for mobile nodes), IPsec over IPv6 (Internet Layer Security), IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange, version 2), SIP over IPv6 (used in VoIP), NEMO (Networks in Motion), MLDv2 (Multicast Listener Discovery protocol, version 2) and SNMP over IPv6 (for network management). Further details about the program and a list of products already certified “IPv6 Ready” are available at www.ipv6ready.org.
IPv6 Ready Logo Program
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IWTL are affiliated with the International IPv6 Forum who has established a certification program for products implementing IPv6 and aims to define common specifications tests.

IWTL have three (3) types of IPv6 product certification as defined below:

Phase-2 Conformance Testing
The conformance testing validates a product in terms of whether or not it implements the functions required by the IETF RFCs below known as the “Phase-2 Core Protocols”:

RFC 2460 – IPv6 Specification
RFC 4861 – Neighbor Discovery for IPv6
RFC 4862 – IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration RFC 1981 – Path MTU Discovery for IPv6 RFC 4443 – ICMPv6

Conformance testing will undergo series of tests that includes the “MUST” and the recommended “SHOULD” of the Phase-2 Core Protocols specifications. IWTL will issue its own certification upon the accomplishment of the testing.

Phase-2 Interoperability Testing
The interoperability test is a test of whether or not a product can interact with other products of different origins or IPv6 stack implementation. It is performed in the IWTL laboratory environment where the target product is connected with other products. Interoperability test scenarios are performed in certain conditions and procedures were the product being tested meet the expected operations. IWTL will issue its own certification upon the accomplishment of the testing.

Phase-2 IPv6 Ready Logo
The Phase-2 IPv6 Ready Logo comprises the Phase-2 Conformance Testing and the Phase-2 Interoperability testing. The tested product needs to pass 100% each of the appropriate conformance and interoperability test assertions. Conformance testing must be complied first as pre-requisite to interoperability testing. IWTL will then submit the conformance and interoperability test results in the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee (v6LC) for examination. If the test results submitted pass the examination, v6LC will approved and issue the logo.

Vendors and manufacturers that wish to have their products tested may Contact Us for more details.