Helpdesk Staff Augmentation Staffing

PrimeSupport Network Support Service
Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Plan: Full on-site service for PCs and printers, servers and peripherals. Experienced engineers anticipate problems, keeping your system and your company running at optimum efficiency. On-site diagnosis, re-calibration, adjustment, testing, parts replacement, and repair are all part of having the security of Proviatek Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Plan.

Fixed hourly rate
Use on an as-and-when required basis
Unlimited on-site visits on call
4-hour response time

Telephone Hot Line
Loan of replacement equipment
Preventative maintenance
Free professional consulting for system upgrades

PrimeSupport Service Cost:
The Pre-Scheduled Maintenance plan is extremely cost effective. Available in a 40 Hour or in multiples of 40 Hours package, it fits into your annual budget, insuring you against unplanned emergency bills. Best of all, any hours which may remain unused by the end of the contract, can be carried over if the PrimeSupport Service Contract is renewed.

Disaster Recovery
Security Assessment
Baseline Support

Flexible Custom Service:
Contracts can be designed to meet your specific needs, covering all aspects of your LAN network system—from mainframe connectivity through fax modems. And Proviatek goes beyond manufacturers’ warrantees—covering user-caused difficulties, too. This Flexible Customer Service includes:

Special projects assistance
Upgrade consulting

Emergency Rescue Plan offers emergency PC and service at a premium charge:
Same day call response
30-day warranty on services performed
Loaner equipment with an optional charge

Proviatek engineers are trained, certified and experienced to service all major hardware and software systems.

PrimeCare Managed Service Program
A complete Proactive Maintenance for your Network Proviatek NOC is the leading remote monitoring and management platform deployed globally by Proviatek as the ‘PrimeCare’ Program, servicing the small and medium business market.

Don’t waste another minute fighting network issues. The PrimeCare Program reduces downtime through availability monitoring and immediate remediation, and improves availability through a rigorous proactive incident avoidance program. Through our monitoring system we collect and analyze performance and event data. Our technicians spend time at your location, maintaining your systems and help you attain the highest level of network availability.

How often have you had to call your service provider about a network issue and then wait for them to dispatch a technician? That technician had to determine the source of the issue and determine if they had the parts required to resolve your issue. That was all time lost in diagnosis, travel and actual repair.

We can reduce the amount of issues that you endure. We’ll have technicians looking after your network to deal with issues BEFORE they affect your productivity.
PrimeCare Program

Performance of off-site checklist
Discounted rate for on-site and off-site support
Equalized monthly payments
Increased incident avoidance

PrimeCare+ Program
All benefits of the PrimeCare Program, plus

On-site checklist
Scheduled on-site support
Unlimited remote support
Deeper discount for on-site support

Network Operation Center (N.O.C.)
This is a fully managed Network Operations Center service. Proviatek will design, plan, architect, implement and maintain your entire monitoring infrastructure. We will install and configure the enterprise server, server agents, knowledge modules and all other required software on all devices to be monitored. Proviatek N.O.C. will take care of all of the routine maintenance, “care and feeding”, patch/upgrade installations and so on.

If desired, we can also baseline all of your monitored equipment or train your Techs how to do this. We can help recruit NOC Techs or train existing Employees to become professional NOC Techs. We can help with your Network Operations Center design as well as helping to develop operational policies and procedures for your NOC Techs to follow.

Once your NOC has been built, warnings and alarms can be sent to pagers, e-mail addresses, trouble ticket systems or to monitoring stations that your Techs view in real time. We can also provide dedicated POP e-mail addresses and/or access to our fully featured trouble ticket system.

Once it’s operational, Proviatek N.O.C. will continue to manage your monitoring environment and will install patches, updates and so on as required. We can also modify alert threshold settings, procedures and processes on an ongoing basis, at your request. We are happy to do as much or as little of the day to day operational work as you like.

IT Support, Helpdesk and Managed Services

Enterprise Helpdesk
Proviatek is an IT support company that is professional, reliable and whose approach is unquestionably client centric. Proviatek’s IT Outsourcing services are designed to deliver high quality service at a very competitive cost which in turn helps internal IT departments free up time from day to day tasks and concentrate on strategic IT projects. Proviatek is able to deploy entire/partial teams at client’s site with Project Managers, Analysts, Project Leaders, Software Developers, Quality Assurance Experts, and Documentation Experts. Proviatek has a dedicated team of engineers handling outsourcing projects We are a New York based IT Support company, that focuses on providing high quality IT Service Management, hardware/software installations and IT procurement; utilizing the internationally recognized standards of ITIL.

ITIL Support
Proviatek fully and smoothly supports the ITIL standard within an IT service environment. Unlike the typical help desk, the ITIL service desk is fully integrated with all ITIL service management processes – including incident, problem, change, configuration, and service level management – across the organization.

ITIL is a process based approach to IT service management, which focuses attention on key activities and optimized service quality, within a reasonable and justifiable cost. ITIL has become the most comprehensive and widely accepted IT process management framework in the world and Proviatek is proud to be part of the process.

The advantages of outsourcing your IT to Proviatek

Reducing internal IT costs typically by up to 40%
Allow our fully trained IT experts manage your IT
Access to the best vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco
SDI & ITIL frameworks and methodologies
Minimizing IT infrastructure expenditure
Eliminates the need for internal staff & resources

Certainty of future IT spend
Strategic input for your business
Reduction of business and technology risks
Resolve recruitment problems
0ur job is to keep your IT running efficiently so you can get on with managing your core business

Outsourcing Methodology
A True Outsourcing Solution:

Our IT experts take over the IT operation of the customer under a Director of Operations (very often it is the customer’s own CTO or CIO under our payroll)
A Hybrid Method:
To provide complete coverage, a team is set up comprising of some IT experts from our company and most from the customer’s own IT staff brought under our payroll.

Customized Model:

Model with best features tailored to customer needs and that meets the needs of small and medium companies. Custom made solutions is our forte.

Proviatek’s Strengths in Infrastructure Outsourcing

Effective and Technically Savvy Helpdesk Managers and Director of Operations
Factoring and segmenting the Helpdesk for the ease of doing business and run the Helpdesk at peak levels all the time

– Top-of-the-line and flexible Helpdesk Software
– Creation and maintenance of an effective knowledgebase
The Team
– Hiring the best
– Imparting training
– Imparting the vision
– Efficient Team communication

IT Support, Helpdesk and Managed Services

Staff Augmentation and IT Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation is a great way to get highly qualified and specialized personnel working for you at substantial savings. Proviatek can assist you in hiring an individual or team of dedicated additional resources. Implementing this process can bring better efficiency in your work projects.

Under Staff Augmentation Services, we offer skilled and highly qualified IT Professional as per your temporary or permanent requirements. IT Staff augmentation services available for as low as 1 month requirements for 1 resource to 5 Years staffing agreement on various skill set. We also allow our customer to use multiple skills simultaneously as per the contract signed.

The advantages of Staff Augmentation are:

Only pay for services when they need them
Have fewer employee layoffs
Respond to changing market conditions with greater agility

Get highly qualified employees for difficult-to-fill positions.
– Reduce paperwork in your office.
– Lower your recruiting and advertising costs.
– Save on payroll processing and benefits administration.
– Fulfill temporary labor spikes and satisfy project work on demand.
– Test an employee’s technical skills and team compatibility before hiring permanently

IT Recriting
Hiring the right talent remains the ‘No. 1’ challenge for most organizations. With each organization’s success dependant on putting the right person on the right job, it is no wonder recruitment remains a top priority.

Proviatek works on a selected number of assignments with a consultant dedicated to each project. This approach ensures that the search process reflects your specific needs and is exhaustive as distinct from a mere search of a database.

Our exclusive arrangement ensures we attract high calibre candidates that we have screened and personality profiled to help you make an informed choice. We’ll work on your behalf, we’ll inform you of our progress and continuously up-date you, and above all, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to fill an assigned position with the right candidate.

Our highly trained senior IT recruiters have been doing this for years, they know the right technical questions to ask, and in doing so we find you the candidates that meet your specified criteria. When it comes to IT recruiting, you have to understand the unique nature of the tech industry, and be technical yourself, in order to fill top jobs with the top talent. That’s exactly what Proviatek is all about.

Our Line Card:

Network Engineer:
– Network Server Support
– IT Administration
– Server Installations
– Server Design
– Server Repair
– Terminal Services Implementation
– Wireless Implementations
– Remote Access Configuration
– Firewall Installations
– Network Analysis
– Security Support
– Virtual Private Network (VPN) Support
– Lan/Wan Support
– Wireless Infrastructure Design
– LAN/WAN Design
– Security Audit
– Security Design
– Citrix Design
– Computer Room Design
– WAN Network Analysis
– Virtual Private Network (VPN) Design

Field Engineers:
– Workstation and printer repair
– Desktop Support
– Level II Help Desk
– Hardware Setup
– Installations, Moves, Adds, Changes (IMAC)
– Hardware Re-Location
– Level 1 Help Desk
– PHP programmers
– VB.NET Programmers
– C# Programmer
– Windows Mobile Programmers
– .NET application Developers
– Graphic and Web designers
– Multimedia Developers
– Flash Action Script, FLEX developers
– Oracle ERP, Oracle Forms Developer
– Java, J2EE, J2ME Developers
– Linux Programmers
– Search Engine Optimization Experts